The only program for women who want to eliminate internal conflict, gain clarity on their direction to start living a fulfilling life on purpose!

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Only 14 Spots Available


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The world’s first program to unlock the frustration for women who want more clarity, direction for their life and success in their purpose.

A THREE-WEEK INTENSIVE for women who want to make an impact and are ready to take action and start walking in their purpose.


• Feeling like you are wasting time trying to figure out what you should be doing?

• Feeling like you hate the place you are in but have no direction?

• Feeling like you are the reason you are not walking in your purpose, but don’t understand why?


• Discover what is holding you back to create a plan to overcome it once and for all?

• Gain clarity on your direction to start taking intentional actions?

• Learn how to maximize your personal power to get the success you want?

I know that right now you are struggling with trying to conquer the imaginary wall you are running into.

• You say you are committed and in it for the long hall, but the lack of fulfillment is starting to weigh on you.

• You have worked hard, long weeks and even gave up sleep to prove your belief, and you are still waiting on a return.

• You think if you duplicate (what you see from the outside) what someone else has done success will come.


• This is not your first rodeo with assessments or personal growth, and you have tried many ways of discovering your purpose but still haven’t.

• You already believe you are living a fulfilled life, but you still want more.

• You think you figure this out alone and do not need help. (But you are utterly frustrated and need to do something)

I’m Kourtney Coleman, CCP your Career Strategist and Certified Taylor Protocols Practitioner. I provide executive coaching for women who want to make an impact.

I help women in management and leadership to increase their performance, build better relationships, and create their impact while raising their income.

I do it because I believe everyone was created to solve a problem or be the solution to a problem.

For 14 years I have mentored women in different areas like from ministry to business and personal growth. When I looked back I discovered that it did not matter what my role or job was, I was doing the same thing; helping women do what they said they wanted to do. I was always trying to help them maximize their potential; if they were a client, friend, business associate, or someone, I saw who needed help. One day I realized I did not need any other product, service, entity, or excuse to do what I was called to do. I only needed me and to understand my purpose and power. I accepted the mission, did a lot of personal growth, and worked on growing my confidence to stop hiding. 

The biggest gift to myself was discovering what my Innate Core Values™ were. It set a woman who thought she was free, FREE; and opened up the world to me. I now stand in a place of my personal power like never before, conquering and achieving like the woman on the inside knew she could. It is such an empowering place to be when you understand who you are, how you operate and have the ability to know what truly makes you fulfilled and be able to achieve those on a daily basis. 

This was the reason I added such gift into my toolbox to help other women who desired to discover and take their position in the world. It’s my purpose, assisting these women is what I was created to do and be able to live a fulfilled life.

My Three week, Living My Life On Purpose Intensive® is for women who want to eliminate internal conflict, gain clarity on their direction to start living a fulfilling life on purpose! We will get back to the very root of who you are to accomplish this work to start living how you know you should, on purpose!

This program is for the woman who wants to go from looking at the map upside down on the side of the road because of multiple detours to confidently driving on the road of purpose with clarity because she asked for help.

The program is for the woman who feels like she can not take being unfulfilled any longer because it is starving her soul.

She is the woman who realizes the time is now to take intentional action and work on the most important part of her purpose, Herself.


Your full report

Tools to help you understand how you operate



Become conscious about how you

create your goals to attain them

Be more deliberate

Learn to observe and gain clarity

for why you do what you do


Develop the practice of journaling as a way of 

self-discovery, observation, and reflection.


Understand, prioritize, and meet your needs more efficiently

Become a more conscious decision maker

Start to see how you can make your impact

Begin getting a vision for how you can make a contribution to the world.

The program is based on you and the CVI assessment. The CVI is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. Since the CVI is comprised of only positive values, no such negative disclosure is required, and no context is provided. The CVI provides a 94% repeat-score reliability, year over year . Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%. This is several orders of magnitude improvement - which shows that not only are we capturing the innate, unchanging nature of people, but also that the instrument is accurate and valid. The difference between the CVI and other tools is that the CVI measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. It helps people focus on identifying what satisfies or fulfills them about the work they do, rather than on determining whether or not they are capable of doing the work.*

You see this all up to you, and you just need me to help guide you along.

You will get to know you more intimately and develop a more satisfying and rewarding relationship with yourself.

(Go ahead and make yourself proud)

When you have someone who knows what to do, and has the resources don’t you want that person on your team to help you accomplish your goals?

Working together you will:

  • Have proof for the voice in your head that you are not enough that it’s a liar.
  • Be empowered because you understand yourself more than you ever have.
  • Be equipped to know what circumstances are optimum for you to be a part of or avoid.
  • Understand what circumstances make you excel.

Here is how things will be different after working with me:

  • Have confidence in knowing you have your very own superpower
  • Have a conscious thought process that leads you to make decisions that will give you peace
  • Feel more empowered to be more in control of your life instead of reactive
  • Be on track to have a more solid understanding of what you feel is your purpose in life
  • Have the ability to see your life from a different viewpoint
  • Have the knowledge to become more in-sync with yourself

You will have a live learning session on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. EST and homework to follow. The teaching session comes with worksheets to print and follow along on the call. 

There is a Q & A call every week on Saturday at 1 pm EST.

There is homework which is crucial to your development. Journaling is a huge part of this process so purchase you a very nice journal that is specifically for this program.

Email support is provided for three weeks. Support by me in my private paid clients FB group. 


#1 Additional assessment to evaluate your life satisfaction 150

#2 FEAR BUSTER teaching 250


In this program, I help you to start destroying those imaginary walls, so that are hindering you from the life you want.

IF you really want them removed.


Your investment for

Living My Life On Purpose Intensive®

1200 USD paid in full

I understand some may not be able to make a one-time payment, so I have created two payment plans

Two payments of 675 = 1350 

Three payments of 475 = 1425

This is an intensive program so I don’t know how often I will have the program running live for now. I’m not sure if it’s something I want ongoing because I want to focus on giving more time in my larger packages. It just may become a self-paced product. 


Registration is OPENING SOON


The first week's sessions 



I’ve spent 14 years to get to this place and more money invested in the journey than my husband ever wanted me to or realized I spent. I’m sure you don’t want to waste any more time and still not be functioning in your purpose, frustrated and not being fulfilled at all. Man do I remember; I drove my husband crazy! (Now he frequently mentions how really happy I am!)

To make sure I’m staying happy I have to give the way that feels right for me, and I do give a lot. I also know for me I like to keep things personalized. That means a recognizable amount of people in a group. I like to know people and their names and interact with them, so I will limit the number of people to fourteen who can enter into the program at a time.


You get an additional BONUS worth 575

My personal attention!

#1 I’m adding one Interpretation Session one on one with me to give you insight on your results to help you implement your results. 325

#2 Free Email support for an additional two weeks. 250 For a total of 5 weeks.

I’ll send you the calendar to book your appointment once you have paid in full. 

Registration is OPENING SOON!

I have a reason for closing the registration so if you want to get started on your purpose sooner than later;

I suggest you start registering now!

What are you ready to do, stay the same or live your life on purpose?


Pay via PayPal or credit card and fill out the registration form.

You’ll get a confirmation email from me that I have received your registration.

When I have completed your registration, you will get an email to take your assessment.

There are more details in your Welcome email.

Registration is OPENING SOON! 

 I will remove the button when all fourteen seats are filled or at 10 pm EST because I have to prepare the assessments.


I’ve scrolled all the way down on a web page before for debating if I should push the button or not. Guess what, when I looked at where I was and how I felt about not being where I knew I was called to be I PUSHED THE BUTTON. The only thing keeping you where you are is your ego. It likes to keep you comfortable and safe, even if you are miserable! 

One thing I can promise is that you will not know what is possible if you don’t push the button.

I can promise you will learn about how precious, powerful and unique you are if you PUSH THE BUTTON and register!


The guarantee I make is that I will give you the program you pay for to impact your life. You see my work is done. The assessment is proven. You are the question mark. Are you committed to yourself, your future, and your purpose to do the work? I can’t make promises about that.

I can guarantee:

You will receive the link to do the assessment. I can’t make you take it.

I will have the six sessions via phone conference or webinar with worksheets.

The implementation and results are your responsibility.

Oh, I can promise if you choose the split payment and don’t pay, you won’t get all of the information, material, or finish the program.


Who is they program for?

The for women who want to eliminate internal conflict, gain clarity on direction in their life to start living a fulfilling life on purpose.

I’m not a leader or manager, can I still benefit from the program?

Absolutely! This is the foundation for anyone who is wanting to live on purpose and make an impact. It starts with personal growth!

I am really busy and work a day job. How much time do I need to commit to this program each week?

Great question. Wednesday nights the session starts at 7 pm EST, and it’s about an hour. I already talk kind of fast. I do have a lot of materials to get through so it may be over or under sometimes. Worksheets- This should be done while listening to the call. Journaling- This could be 15 plus minutes a night. Now from your excitement about your transformation, you can do as much as you want. You will be observing and taking notes throughout the day.

Whew, I have to pay for that much her to help me?

YES, I’ve paid way more for less. Cost vs. investment. An apple costs money. It gets consumed and eliminated or rots if not eaten. Investments have returns on them. The return is greater than the investment for this program. See I like nice things, like to get what I paid for, and I'm a perfectionist. I treat people with the same respect. If I’m not happy, you aren’t getting it. I know I’ll over deliver and I’m fine with it. You have to decide to invest in you. I know the program, and I’m worth more!

Do you offer refunds?

No, I don't. I have to pay for the assessments and tools when you register. If you are not going to be vulnerable and honest with yourself and do the work, it's just best not to sign up. 

Will this be recorded?

YES, I’ll record the sessions if by phone or be webinar. Like I said. I may not offer this intensive live again, and this may become a self-paced product. I’ll email out the replay. If something goes haywire, I'll record it and send it out. It’s only fair.

Will I really be doing WORK or is she just giving me two little questions to say she gave us work?

NOPE, More than likely you will be like, "OH my gosh! I didn’t know working on me was so much work!" It’s reality if you want to change it requires work. I will challenge you, ask you to do things to change to get different results. It’s the only way to get something different- do something different, challenge what is!

Can I share the materials with someone else?

NO, you can share the sales page with them before registration closes.

I have a family and responsibilities to take care of. I believe in respecting other people’s work and compensating them for their work. Please respect my work and do not share the materials. I am not giving any rights for any type of editing, duplication or disbursement of the information and materials. Taylor Protocols owns all of their processes, assessment, and materials. I can’t protect you from them. They are my partner!

What's your regular website?


I’m excited to join. How do I pay?

Click here to go to the PayPal link to pay and fill out your registration form.

I’ve got questions, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at with the subject line “Living My Life On Purpose Intensive® question." I’ll be more than happy to correspond via email to answer your questions. I check my email multiple times a day, so in most cases, you get a response within a couple of hours if not minutes.

I have heard people say,Women do whatever they set their minds to. They pay for whatever they really want. They make it happen when they want something bad enough.” I used to think there were just being dramatic. Until I was the one who could not take being in the same unfulfilling position anymore. Then I did what I had to do to change my life, and it was worth it!

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